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    What causes skin to age?

    The Skin Ageing process can often be quite distressing. Developing your knowledge of how the skin ages can help you keep up that fresh youthful look for longer.

    Below I will explain about the way the skin ages and how we can slow this down slightly. Once you have a better understanding of your skin, you can adjust your skin care routine to help.

    First and foremost, what causes skin ageing to speed up?

    The interplay of genetic and environmental factors determines how we mature. As a result of cumulative UV exposure, we lose collagen and skin suppleness. Signs of ageing can include sagging, skin creases, wrinkles, rough skin, age spots, and pigmentation. However, some parts of the body age more quickly than others, and skin changes aren’t the primary cause of age-related symptoms.

    Which regions are the most impacted?

    Due to thinning of the underlying fat pads and relaxation of the skin’s ligaments, the skin sags and migrates downward. The changes around the eyes and mouth are the most visible. Facial muscle contraction causes deeper wrinkles and creases over time. At first, these lines and wrinkles appear in response to facial expressions, but they become static over time and are constantly visible.

    How can I help you?

    As there are various treatment options available to tackle signs of ageing, we ask firstly that every patient visits us for a consultation first, to see which treatment suits your concerns best. 

    To enquire, simply visit my contact page to find our details, and my team will arrange a consultation at a date and time to suit you.

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