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    Tear trough filler: Will this get rid of my eye bags?

    Tear trough filling is the technique of lifting the skin beneath your eyes using dermal fillers to give it a more young, fresh appearance.

    Since they are commonly associated with a worn-out appearance, dark circles beneath the eyes, tear through hollowness, fine lines, and enlarged lower eye bags are major difficulties. The main contributing factors are hollowness and atrophy of the fat pad behind the eyes.

    The quality of the skin around the eyes is also impacted by natural skin ageing and photo-ageing brought on by sun damage. Enhancing the superficial fat layer to mix in with the cheek fat zone and restoring the quality of the skin around the eyes can help to compensate for volume loss behind the eyes.

    To achieve the finest cosmetic result, we utilise a particular type of filler for this area at Lumiere Clinic in Manchester. Additionally, we employ a cannula to prevent traumatising blood vessels, lowering the possibility of bruising and discomfort.

    How long does tear trough filler last?

    The effectiveness of tear trough fillers varies depending on the user and the filler utilised. They typically last between six and eighteen months.

    Can I get tear trough filler on the day of my consultation?

    If I have enough time during the consultation I will always try to complete the treatment on the same day.

    How can I book in for tear trough filler?

    Simply visit my contact page to obtain my contact information, and one of my team will schedule a consultation at a time and date that is convenient for you.

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