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    PLINEST (Polynucleotides)

    Polynucleotides are clinically proven to improve skin texture and elasticity to give a more youthful appearance.

    Plinest® is an injectable polynucleotide product clinically proven to improve skin texture and elasticity.

    Polynucleotides are doxyribonucleotide polymers (DNA fractions) obtained through a high degree of purification and safety. They play a crucial role in improving skin quality and promoting bio-regeneration. This treatment is particularly helpful for those who want to target:

    • Acne scars
    • Skin dullness
    • Darkness and fine lines under eyes
    • Enlarged pores
    • Hair thinning / Hair loss

    In more than 90% of the subjects, polynucleotides have demonstrated overall clinical improvements
    of the skin texture and reductions of superficial fine wrinkles.

    Pre-treatment of the skin with polynucleotides before any procedure also helps to prepare the skin
    and makes it more receptive to medical, aesthetic, and anti-ageing treatments. It generates a synergistic effect in particular with laser, radiofrequency, fillers, peeling, needling, and surgery.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Frequently Asked Questions
      • How safe is this procedure?

        Safety: No cases of severe side effects have been reported due to the highly bio-compatible nature of the gel/product.

      • How to patients respond to this procedure?

        In more than 90% of the subjects PN-HPTTM demonstrated overall clinical improvements of the skin texture and reductions of superficial fine wrinkles.

      • Areas of treatment?

        Scalp, face, neck and décolletage

      • Depth of injection?

        Superficially in the skin only.

      • How efficient is this procedure?

        Efficacy: 91% of patients demonstrated clinical improvement in the reduction of superficial fine lines and wrinkles based on physician assessment.
        +14.7% improvement in skin hydration vs baseline.
        +21.8% increase in skin elasticity.

      • What are the treatment protocols and injection techniques: for younger skin for bio-regeneration?

        A 2ml syringe is used at each session, and multiple micro-droplets are placed into the skin with intradermal injections. The recommended regime is 3 sessions about 2-4 weeks (on average 3 weeks) apart, and thereafter, 3 maintenance sessions per year.

      • What are the treatment protocols and injection techniques: acne scar improvement?

        Superficial injections are performed with micro-droplets placed into the acne scar areas to lift the scars. The treatment session is repeated every 2-4 weeks, for 2-3 sessions in total.

    1 Consultation

    PLINEST® are best suited for patients with acne scars, enlarged pores, fine lines under the eyes, and hair thinning. At your consultation, a full medical history will be taken. We will assess your concerns and determine if the use of PLINEST® is suitable for you. We will also go through the treatment procedure, treatment regimen, potential benefits and risks, as well as the likely treatment outcome.

    2 The Treatment

    Topical anaesthetic will be offered to reduce discomfort of the procedure. The skin will be cleansed with an antimicrobial solution. Multiple superficial injections are performed to deposit micro-droplets of polynucleotides into the skin. After the procedure, a soothing antiseptic cream will be applied.

    3 Aftercare

    You will be provided with an aftercare leaflet, aftercare advice and a post-procedure call by our team to ensure that all your concerns are addressed.

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