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    Acne & Spots Programme

    For best results, individualized assessment and treatment with a combination of medical treatments, cosmetic treatments & skin care products.

    Spots and acne can ruin your confidence and self-esteem. Untreated severe acne can also lead to permanent scarring. In the Acne & Spots Treatment Programme, the first crucial step to clearer skin begins with an individualised, in-depth assessment to diagnose the cause of spots. Not all spots are due to acne and getting your skin assessed by a qualified medical professional is crucial to the correct diagnosis and treatment.

    As a Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Nicole based in Manchester, Cheshire & Lancashire, has specialist experience in treating a range of skin conditions and has an in-depth knowledge of the skin which is important in treating acne and spots. Her focus is always on determining the reasons behind your spots and using a combination of treatment approaches to devise a treatment programme that will deliver the best possible long-term results.

    The Acne & Spots Treatment Programme is tailored to your individual needs and may include prescription medications, chemical peels, specialist skin care products, laser treatments and/or other device-based procedures. If you are considering laser-based treatments, this can be discussed and incorporated, but with an additional cost.

    • Delivered by a Consultant Dermatologist who has an interest in both medical and cosmetic dermatology
    • Specialist experience in treating hundreds of acne and rosacea patients
    • Comprehensive, individualised approach to address all underlying factors to your problem
    • Combination treatment approaches in a step-by-step regime to ensure good, lasting results
    • No GP referral required

    Understanding acne and spots

    Acne occurs when sebaceous glands in your skin produce too much natural oil (sebum). This sebum mixes with dead skin cells and blocks hair follicles which are tiny holes in the skin. Bacteria can then infect the blocked follicles causing spots and cysts. There are many causes behind acne including puberty, hormones, genetics, medications, diet and smoking. Adult acne is more common in women due to hormonal factors and acne also runs in families.

    Not all spots are acne

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, we understand that some spots are not caused by acne and should therefore be treated in a different way. Rosacea, skin infections, viruses, skin allergies and other health conditions can all be the underlying cause of spots. Determining the causes of acne and spots is at the heart of your consultation and is just one of the reasons why it is so important to get your skin assessed by a dermatology specialist. Dr Nicole will assess your skin and determine any health or lifestyle factors that may contribute to your condition. She will then develop an individualised treatment programme designed just for you and talk through it in detail. You will have the chance to ask questions and voice any concerns – we will always provide professional, honest and comprehensive answers.

    To book a consultation, or for more information on our acne and spot treatment at Dr Nicole Dermatology based in Manchester, Lancashire & Cheshire, call us on: 0161 236 6500, email us on: or visit fill in our online contact form.

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      • Dr Nicole Dermatology | Manchester | Warrington | Cheshire
      • Dr Nicole Dermatology | Manchester | Warrington | Cheshire

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    About Acne and Spots Treatment Programme
      • What causes acne and spots?

        Acne is caused by a combination of blocked follicles, excess sebum production, infection of the follicles by bacteria (Propionibacterium acnes) and subsequent inflammation.

        Spots not caused by acne can be triggered by many factors. These can include allergies, rosacea, viruses and other health conditions.

      • What results can I expect?

        Treating the causes behind your spots takes time and you will see visible results over months rather than weeks. Dr Nicole will advise on this during your consultation so you will know what to expect and when.

      • How does the Dr Nicole Dermatology Acne and spot programme work?

        The first critical step is to have your consultation with Dr Nicole to assess your skin and determine the cause of your spots. Dr Nicole will then devise an individualised treatment programme to target the underlying causes of your condition.

        A basic programme includes a consultation, follow-up reviews, an introductory pack of specialist skin care, chemical peels (if deemed appropriate) and prescriptive treatments. Laser-based procedures can be discussed and incorporated (with an additional cost).

      • How long do the results last?

        The Acne and spots programme takes a long-term approach so results should be ongoing and lasting. Dr Nicole will talk through maintaining results and dealing with any flare-ups.

      • What are chemical peels?

        Chemical peels work by removing dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to grow. This process helps reveal the clearer skin beneath the skin’s surface. Peels can play an important role in your programme but are not appropriate for everyone. Dr Nicole will advise on this during your consultation.

      • Is the programme safe?

        Your safety and wellbeing are of the utmost importance. Dr Nicole will talk through any risks associated with medications prescribed or treatments such as chemical peels during your consultation.

    1 Consultation

    Your consultation gives you the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you might have. We will talk through potential causes of spots and assess your skin to develop a treatment plan that is exactly right for you. Full information on what the programme involves, risks and aftercare instructions will be given.

    2 The Treatment

    Your initial consultation will take around 30 minutes. Treatment programmes usually consist of a combination of treatments, carried out in stages over 3-6 months to achieve the best results.

    3 Aftercare

    The aftercare needed will depend on your treatment programme. We are committed to the very best aftercare at Dr Nicole Dermatology, so you can be certain you will be fully advised on how to maximise potential results.

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