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    Specialist Treatment Programmes

    Tailored to you for the very best results

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, we believe that a personal approach goes a long way. Each and every one of our clients is an individual with their own concerns and goals. We take pride in developing specialist treatment programmes to help people overcome problems and also to look and feel confident about their skin.

    All of our specialist treatment programmes start with a free consultation to carry out an in-depth assessment while talking to you about your concerns and objectives. Programmes are then individually created using a combination of treatments with step-by-step approaches over a period of time to maximise results.

    Ultimately, specialist treatment programmes are a comprehensive, highly cost-effective way of tackling problems and benefiting from Dr Nicole’s ongoing care and attention.

    Acne and spots programme

    Designed to treat the underlying causes of acne and spots, this programme includes using a range of treatment options such as specialist skin care products, chemical peels and prescription treatments to tackle your spots from the skin and within.

    Pigmentation and skin tone programme

    After in-depth analysis and assessment, Dr Nicole targets hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, open pores and uneven skin tone with this customised programme using a range of treatment options such as chemical peels, prescription treatments and specialist skin care products.

    Restore hair programme

    An expert programme to stop hair loss and restore hair growth through the diagnosis of the underlying cause of hair loss and treatments involving prescription medications and hair growth products.

    Full face rejuvenation programme

    This highly-personalised programme begins with a full facial aesthetic and skin analysis to develop a programme targeting signs of ageing through anti-wrinkle injections (Botox®), dermal fillers, chemical peels and specialist skin care.

    Device-based treatments such as lasers and radiofrequency treatments are not included in the specialist treatment packages, but can be discussed and offered (at an additional cost) if deemed appropriate.

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