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    3 Reasons To Try A Thread Lift

    Our dermatologists are experts in all things skin – from finding the right products for your skin type, to top treatments that can help you look and feel the best version of you. In this post, our skin clinic in Manchester shares 3 reasons to try our thread lift treatment. Read on to find out more about it and how it could help you.

    It’s a safer option than surgery

    As we age, we look to options that give us an appearance that matches how we feel on the inside. While plastic surgery can be the right choice for some and give effective results, it’s an incredibly invasive process that requires a lot of healing and aftercare. And, with surgery, there is always a risk of infection or things going wrong while ‘under the knife’.

    When it comes to facelifts, a thread lift in Cheshire is a much safer option as it’s minimally invasive and with minimal downtime. We carry out this procedure at our Manchester skin clinic, where a series of sterile sutures with cones attached are gently pushed under the skin to tighten and lift – which then ‘dissolve’ into the body.

    2) You’ll see results immediately

    The effects of your thread lift can be seen straight after treatment, and you can go back to your daily activities as normal. There may be some slight redness, marks or swelling, but this usually settles within 2 weeks. Anything that you may need to avoid following the procedure – such as sunbeds – is only on a temporary basis and within this same 2-week period. Also, if you do notice swelling, don’t worry – your results will improve over time. Of course, for any concerns, you can contact our skin clinic and dermatologists for help and support.

    3) It can treat lots of areas

    Dr Nicole’s Thread lifts in Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire are an effective treatment for lots of different areas of the face, including:

    – Cheeks
    – Jawline
    – Nasolabial folds (nose to mouth lines)

    Any thin, sagging skin is gently lifted upwards, helping enhance and refine your facial contours. The treatment can also be used alongside injectables such as dermal fillers, known for their sculpting and anti-wrinkle properties, though it does depend on the individual, and our skin clinic will advise on this at the consultation stage.

    Finally, one additional benefit of the thread lift treatment is that collagen production is stimulated. This is because the skin gently rubs against the cones on the threads during movement, which prompts skin healing and so serves to regenerate the collagen in these areas.

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