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    What aesthetic treatments out there can make me look younger?

    If you’ve ever wished you could turn back the clock and travel back to a time where you looked more youthful and radiant – you could benefit from a range of aesthetic dermatology procedures. It’s not all about Botox – there are a plethora of treatments available, many of which focus on definitive parts of the face and body, so you can focus on the areas that you want to enhance.

    The great thing about aesthetic treatments is that they enhance your natural beauty, they make you look younger and less tired, without taking away what makes you, you! In this article, I’ll explore some of the treatments that I offer here at the clinic, as well as the benefits of each procedure.


    Lip fillers

    Lip fillers are popular with people of all ages, but it’s not all about getting that Kylie Jenner pout! Lip fillers are a wonderful choice for people looking to get back that youthful plumpness to their lips, without resorting to a pile of products every morning!

    How can lip fillers make me look younger?

    Lip fillers contain hyaluronic acid, which is a molecule that occurs naturally throughout our skin. It retains moisture, effectively keeping the skin hydrated and plump. As we age, our body’s natural production of hyaluronic acid slows down – so our skin becomes dehydrated, dull and wrinkly.

    Lip fillers help to plump out your lips, restoring them to their original look. It can also help to add fullness to the areas that you wish, and create a more balanced look for your face. If you have fine lines around your mouth area, fillers around the lips will also help to smooth these out.  Dr Nicole always aims to achieve natural-looking results that go well with your face and age.


    Cheek enhancement

    As we get older, our cheeks become flatter and start to sag. Cheek enhancements are a wonderful way to get some of that plumpness back, whilst re-defining the cheekbones. Cheek fillers tend to last between six and eighteen months.

    I use hyaluronic fillers for my clients, which are naturally broken down over time by the enzymes in your body. So if you’re looking for immediate, semi-permanent results that will take years off your face, a cheek enhancement procedure might be the right treatment for you.

    How can cheek fillers make me look younger?

    As we age, we start to lose fat on our face, and when this starts to affect our cheeks, our face can start to look gaunt and thin. When filler is injected into the problem areas, the face looks plumper and curvier, making us look healthier, younger and less tired.


    Eye rejuvenation

    They say our eyes are the windows to our soul, but due to the sensitivity of the skin here, the area around our eyes is usually one of the first areas on our face to start showing signs of aging. Dark circles and crow’s feet are one of most common reasons why people want to focus more on this particular area, and it is also an area that requires lots of expertise!

    How can eye rejuvenation make me look younger?

    The undereye area is a problem area for many women and men who are noticing their face is looking older and more worn. Over time, hollows and dark patches may appear beneath the eye, making you older and more tired. We may also lose some volume in this area as our fatty face tissues start to break down. Dr Nicole examines the skin under the eyes, and establishes the cause of tired eyes before recommending the appropriate treatments. By injecting a small amount of filler into the area safely and effectively, the bags or hollows will be re-plumped, improving the look of tiredness and dark circles.


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