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    Anti-wrinkle injections: treatment day expectations

    Anti-wrinkle injections are among the most popular aesthetic treatments today – yet some people are still apprehensive about trying them.

    A majority of the worries come from the needle-based application of the treatment, but I am here today to put your mind at rest and assure you that you have nothing to worry about.

    How does the procedure begin?

    Before the procedure, a topical anaesthetic cream is usually not necessary. You can apply a topical anaesthetic lotion around 20 minutes before your treatment.

    During the process, a very fine needle will be injected under the skin, typically 1-­2 cm apart, throughout the area of wrinkles or excessive sweating (depending on the treatment indication).

    Is there anything I should know post-treatment?

    Some individuals may notice warmth in the treated areas for 2 to 3 hours after treatment. The skin may appear red and puffy for a few hours, but this rarely lasts 12 days or longer. Minor bruising is possible, and it can take up to 2 to 3 weeks to heal. After at least 2 hours, you can apply makeup to the treated region.

    There is a minor danger of eyebrow asymmetry, or raising or lowering your brows, with the treatment for wrinkles on the forehead and frown. In the first two weeks, there may be some brow asymmetry. If the problem remains after three weeks, it can typically be corrected with a follow-up therapy (free if conducted within a month after the initial treatment).

    How often should I have this treatment?

    We recommend 2 to 3 treatment sessions each year to retain the most effective results. Botox injections at greater doses or more regular intervals may result in antibody development and treatment resistance, making treatments less effective over time.


    Don’t hesitate to contact my team to schedule a consultation with me to see if you’re suitable for anti-wrinkle injections. We can arrange a consultation to ensure you select the best medication for your needs and get the excellent results you seek.

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