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    Are you considering mole removal?

    You may be considering mole removal for a number of reasons, whether your motivations are purely based on cosmetic looks and purposes or you’re worried that a mole can potentially be cancerous, here at Dr Nicole Dermatology in Manchester it is never too early to book an appointment. We offer a full skin check when you present yourself with a skin lesion or mole. 

    What causes moles?

    Although we do not know what exactly causes pigment cells to multiply in nests and form a mole, we know that a number of factors can be a possibility such as genetics, hormones, sun exposure and our immune system. People who have a family history of multiple moles, tend to have them as well with them appearing to be darker after sun exposure. New moles can appear or existing moles can also become darker during pregnancy.

    How can Dr Nicole help?

    Dr Nicole is trained in surgical dermatology and can remove moles and skin lesions whether it is on the face or body using the most appropriate surgical method including full surgical and shave excisions. Incision and punch biopsies are also offered.

    Is it okay to remove a mole for cosmetic purposes?

    Many of our clients choose to have a mole removed as they are unhappy with the look and appearance it has. It may bother you due to its place mentor size which may lead to you feeling slightly embarrassed and self-conscious which has a huge knock on effect to your confidence. A mole may even rub on clothing leading to discomfort when moving. These are all perfectly reasons to consider mole removal and experience of Dr Nicole will be happy to assist you on your journey to feeling confident again. We will also be able to assess whether there is anything potential harmful about the mole to give you peace of mind. Again, the mole removal procedure may involve a quick and painless minor surgery.

    What aftercare is required?

    The aftercare needed following your mole removal procedure largely depends on the size, shape and location of the mole being removed. The type of treatment used will also affect how quickly the targeted area heals and what precautions you should take to aid the healing process. For a standard minor surgery, you could expect to have fully healed within three weeks post treatment. Dr Nicole will be able to advise you how best to care for your skin to prevent scarring and decrease healing time. If you’re interested in mole removal or are looking to see what your options are in a safe environment, then contact Dr Nicole in Manchester today for your initial consultation.

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