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    Choosing your lip filler practitioner

    With its booming popularity, lip fillers are the talk of the town in 2019. With it being the word on everyone’s lips and their acceptance as a fast and effective aesthetic treatment, the chances are, you or someone you may know has considered lip fillers are high. However, with anything, it’s always wise to ensure your safety when having any treatment done to your body. Here’s why choosing a medical professional is important.

    Lip fillers in the UK

    Funnily enough as it stands in the United Kingdom, it is possible for anyone to perform lip fillers, but this doesn’t mean you should do so. With legislation stating that performing Botox using Botullinium Toxin is prohibited, because it’s a prescription-based product used for cosmetic and aesthetic purposes only. This doesn’t mean that dermal fillers are prescription based which essentially means anyone can perform this treatment and it’s always wise to ask several questions to any practitioner before going ahead with your treatment to ensure trust.

    What questions can I ask?

    Prior to your treatment, the consultation stage is the most important time during your entire lip filler journey because this is where you can determine whether your practitioner upholds the correct professionalism and knowledge base when it comes to lip fillers. Ensure to find the answers you need before committing to the treatment and ask about how your practitioner will support you should there be any complications.

    Before and After images

    It’s a common fact that proof should be visual. So for that matter it is advisable to view their portfolio of their before and after catalogue so you can see what they have done in the past and how the results look. It is also very important to take notes of any marks or swelling you notice within those pictures to understand what the side effects can be from having the procedure done from that particular practitioner.

    There will be some side effects

    With all body augmentation treatments, there will be some side effects so hoping that there isn’t is unfortunately a long shot. However,the side effects are entirely normal and do subside fairly quickly. You may experience some mild swelling and redness during the treatment although typically this should subside within 2-3 days after your treatment. Mild bruising at the injection points are common however these should also only last a few days post treatment. Your chosen practitioner should explain what to avoid after your treatment such as alcohol so do look out for any advice they mention.

    Your results won’t be permanent

    If you’re unhappy with your results post treatment, fear not as dermal filler results are not permanent. Temporary lip fillers are naturally broken down by your body over the period of around 6 months and your practitioner should go into the details on what you can do after this period has passed.

    If you’re interested in lip fillers and are looking for a professional and safe practice to have this treatment then contact Dr Nicole today for your initial consultation.

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