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    Cutera Excel V+ – What to expect

    Yesterday I had the great honour of joining a panel of experts to discuss the Cutera Excel V+ laser. 

    The webinar was a great success, and we had some great questions – I’ve also been getting many messages on social media about the treatment, so I thought it would be helpful to put together some info on what to expect from the treatment.

    How does Cutera work?

    Lasers treat the skin by penetrating it with a specific wavelength of light that targets certain molecules in the skin. The wavelengths of the Cutera Excel V+ are 532nm and 1064nm, respectively, and target both vascular and pigment molecules in the skin. The Cutera Excel V+ laser employs a one-of-a-kind Lithium Triborate crystal, which makes it exceptionally powerful, effective, and dependable in treating skin vascular and pigmentation issues.

    What can Cutera treat?

    Rosacea, red veins, acne, acne marks, leg veins, cherry angiomas, port wine stains, pigmentation, melasma, and uneven skin tone are all treated by the Cutera Excel V+ laser. Results are usually seen after three to six treatment sessions, depending on your skin condition and desired outcome.

    Cutera’s unique Laser GenesisTM therapy is a non-ablative, no-downtime treatment that addresses skin rejuvenation issues, textural imperfections, and scarring. All skin types are safe for Laser Genesis.

    What should I expect during treatment?

    During therapy, you may feel some discomfort. Pain can seem like it’s burning, stinging, or radiating.

    You must wear safety goggles throughout the treatment and keep your eyes closed. Even when you close your eyes, you may see a brilliant light. Please be sure that your eyes are safe while wearing goggles.

    Will I need a test patch?

    Yes! A week before the treatment, test patches are applied to assess the parameters and how your skin will react to the entire treatment. A test patch is a tiny experiment in a location with hair and skin similar to the treatment location. This enables the practitioner to determine how efficiently the light energy is used and whether the skin responds as intended. Typical reactions include mild redness, swelling, darkening of vessels or pigmented lesions, and possibly bruising.

    I like the sound of this treatment. How do I book a consultation?


    Don’t hesitate to contact my team to schedule a consultation with me to see if you’re suitable for Cutera Excel V+. We can arrange a consultation to ensure you select the best medication for your needs and get the excellent results you seek.

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