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    Dark circles treatment for tired eyes

    Nobody is exempt from tired eyes. Whether you’re burning the candle at both ends, not sleeping enough, or have enjoyed a night out with friends, dark circles will always be there to greet us in the morning. Tired eyes brought on by pure circumstance like this, however, are temporary and will disappear when we drink more water and get a good night’s sleep. Dark circles and under-eye hollows that are perpetually visible regardless of how alert we feel will sadly not recede with rest but are actually brought on by ageing skin. Under-eye hollows prematurely age us, but there is a dark circles treatment that can help reawaken perpetually tired eyes…

    Why dark circles occur

    The skin’s ageing process begins in your 30s, when your natural reserves of collagen and elastin begin to deplete. We stop producing these vital skin proteins in our 20s, so this slow and unyielding decline leads to thinning skin, loss of volume, and facial folds. When this process affects the upper cheeks, the tissue can pull down the skin around the eye sockets.Because the skin is already naturally thin under your eyes, further volume loss in your cheeks and skin there can cause your eye sockets to become prominent.This results in a sunken, hollow look under and around your eyes. Dark circles occur because this thin skin is almost a little transparent, showing the dark colours of the underlying muscles and blood vessels beneath it. This is why concealers and makeup don’t always improve the appearance of tired eyes,because it’s not the colour of the skin but actually the skin’s own thickness itself.

    Tear trough filler for tired eyes

    Tear trough fillers using dermal fillers are an effective treatment for lessening the appearance of tired eyes. As a dark circles treatment, their advanced injecting technique requires careful placement of volume just beneath the skin. Replacing volume in the thinning skin under the eyes helps to plump the area, stopping the skin from resting atop the eye sockets and appearing hollow. It also adds extra substance between the dark muscles and blood vessels and the surface of the skin, helping to mask the appearance of dark circles. In some circumstances, reawakening tired eyes could actually be helped by injecting the high points and apples of the cheeks. This very much depends on your problem area and where the root cause of this is, which your practitioner will help you determine.

    Tired eyes and drooping eyebrows

    Sometimes it’s not the tear trough that is making our eyes appear tired, but actually our upper eyelids. A drooping eyebrow can change the way our eyes appear because it changes the symmetry and expression of our facial features. For example, if your eyebrow is drooping and downturned then they can make your eyes appear sad, tired, and even a little disengaged.Lifting the eyebrows to create more alert and open eyes is achieved using anti-wrinkle injections that prohibit the muscles beneath the brows from drooping. This can lift a downturned eyebrow and create a more even-lookingarch to brighten up tired eyes.

    Dark circles treatment in Manchester

    Regardless of whether you are seeking tear trough fillers as a dark circles treatment or anti-wrinkle injections to lift a falling brow, seek the advice of Dr Nicole Dermatology in Manchester. Book your initial consultation on 0161 236 6500 today.

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