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    Dermal Fillers: True Or False?

    Dermal fillers are so popular in today’s world, that it’s only natural that there are lots of myths and misconceptions whizzing around – especially where the media is concerned. In this post, our experts wanted to set the record straight as to what’s true or false regarding this safe, effective treatment. 

    At our skin clinic in Cheshire, we regularly carry out dermal fillers, so we’re well-placed to quash the rumours and highlight the truths about this fantastic treatment. (If, after reading, you’re still unsure about the procedure, then don’t worry – just get in touch with us, and we’ll book you in for a consultation to assess your suitability.)

    True: results may vary!

    The most important thing to draw attention to in this post is that results aren’t the same for everyone. Fillerscontain hyaluronic acid, which is slowly broken down by the body over time (the reason this treatment isn’t permanent). Different people metabolise hyaluronic acid at different rates, so what might only last a few months for some, could last well over a year for others. 

    There also isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ approach to treatment. That’s why we insist on a consultation, to get an understanding of what results you want, and work towards them. We know that what looks subtle on one person could look dramatic on another – and where one person needs filler in one area, someone else needs it elsewhere. The good news is, you can have a booster if needed, and can also have your dermal fillers dissolved if you’re unhappy with them. 

    False: treatment is intensive 

    This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dermal fillers are actually a quick process, even including your consultation time. And, aside from some mild swelling or redness, there isn’t much in the way of side-effects, and there’s zero downtime, too. Compared to surgery, which needs a longer recovery time (and usually incurs great expense!), you could be in and out of our skin clinic in less than an hour with your ‘brand new’ face!

    It’s worth mentioning that most people don’t find the treatment painful, either. That’s thanks, in part, to our expertise and gentle approach, but we also use a fine cannula, the Steriglide™ Aesthetic Microcannula, to administer the filler, too.

    False: Botox and fillers are the same

    From the ingredients in each, to the locations where they’re used, and their effects on the skin, the only thing these two treatments have in common is that they’re injectables. Botox is more for fine lines and wrinkles, typically in the eye and forehead area, and ‘freezes’ the muscle. Fillers are generally used lower in the face on those deeper lines, and have a plumping effect.  

    True: results fade over time

    Being a non-permanent treatment, you can expect the effects of dermal filler to gradually fade over time. But time isn’t the only thing that can affect your results. There’s also studies that suggest sunlight can break down the hyaluronic acid through UV radiation – though sun exposure is known for being ageing to the skin regardless. 

    We’ll be able to advise you on when to top-up your filler and how much you’ll need – so don’t hesitate to ask us!

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