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    Do you know your aesthetic score?

    Our face isn’t just made of two eyes, a nose, and mouth. It’s covered in our body’s largest organ, or skin, which itself uses a vast network of underlying structures and processes that affects its appearance and health. What’s more, the aesthetic composition and symmetry of our face is also something to be considered, our features blending together into one canvas that affect one and other. All of these components combined – skin, underlying skin processes, and aesthetic structure – create your aesthetic score. But what’s yours? What even is an aesthetic score? This is a service exclusive to Dr Nicole Dermatology.

    What your aesthetic score includes

    Dr Nicole places emphasis on the three key features of your aesthetic score:

    • Skin health (40%)
    • Ageing (30%)
    • Facial structure (30%)

    Your skin health is assessed via your skin tone, texture, hydration, and any active skin conditions such as acne. By assessing the prominence, or lack thereof, of these skin indications, Dr Nicole can ascertain how well you look after your skin, what more could still be done, and whether there are outside or lifestyle factors influencing this. For example, acne-prone or excessively oily skin will be identified here, as will signs of inflammation and damage.

    Your ageing assessment pays closer attention to both chronological ageing and photo-ageing (or UV sun damage ageing). As we age, our skin begins to lose vital proteins like collagen that keep it firm. This leads to loss of volume and wrinkles in the thinning skin. Sun damage and photo-ageing speeds up the collagen breakdown within the skin, accelerating the visible ageing process. This part of your aesthetic score assessment will pay close attention to the areas of your skin that are showing the signs of ageing through volume loss and wrinkles, and how best we can treat these.

    Your facial structure is in relation to the symmetry and balance of your face for all-round aesthetic appearance. This may include the Rule of Thirds, which sections the face into upper, mid, and lower, and the Golden Ratio for proportions. Should you wish to better your facial symmetry and aesthetic appearance, we can suggest non-surgical treatments that would be appropriate for your desired results.

    Which treatments will be used to achieve a better aesthetic score?

    As part of your skin health assessment, treatments such as chemical peels may be recommended. A chemical peel is incredibly effective at rebalancing oil production, softening pigmentation, cleansing blemishes, and decongesting acne-prone skin. It also promotes a more even skin tone with a healthy, soft glow achieved through fresh skin cells. As part of your ageing assessment, injectable treatments such as line reduction injections and dermal fillers may be suggested to help soften fine lines and restore lost volume. These are of course recommended ethically and will only be performed once you have been fully informed and are confident of our recommended treatment areas. For facial symmetry and structure treatments, injectable treatments may also be recommended to address the asymmetry in your lips, for example, or lift one area in concordance with its mirror image on the other side of your face. Again, these non-surgical treatments such as dermal fillers and line softening injections are only performed where appropriate and where Dr Nicole and yourself agree they should be placed.

    The aesthetic score service is exclusive to Dr Nicole Dermatology in Manchester, where it continues to provide bespoke full-face transformations with natural-looking results. Conducted ethically and empathetically, Dr Nicole will first listen to your concerns before planning your treatment journey with you. Treatments are only performed when you are comfortable with our recommendations and of course your desired results will betaken into full account before we begin.

    Discover your aesthetic score and transform your skin’s health with us today. Enquire online or get in touch on 0161 236 6500 to book your initial consultation.

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