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    Dr Nicole’s Top Dermatology Tips

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, a renowned skin clinic based in Manchester, Cheshire & Warrington, we’re well-versed in all things skincare. From cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and eye rejuvenation, to specialist skincare treatments such as pigmentation treatment and skin lesion removal, we can help give your skin what it needs to keep it healthy and happy.

    In this post, we wanted to share Dr Nicole’s Top Dermatology Tips, which we’ve been posting across our social media in the last few weeks.They’re just the thing to help give your skin the attention – and boost – it needs, covering everything from how to find your best moisturiser, to how to prevent acne spots.

    How To Find Your Best Moisturiser

    When it comes to skincare, a tailored approach is essential. There’s no one ‘wonder’ product that works across all skin tones and textures – everyone has different skin types and needs. Product type is essential, as you should match it to your skin type (for example, an oil-based ointment would work well on dry skin). It’s also a good idea to check ingredients, so you can be sure you’re giving your skin what it needs. Finally, regularly reviewing your skin will ensure you’re using the best product – so if your skin goes drier in colder weather, for example, it might time to switch up your skincare. 

    How To Reduce Bruising Before A Cosmetic Procedure

    Bruising can be a common side-effect following a cosmetic treatment, but there are steps you can take to help prevent or reduce it. Before your treatment, ensure your medication won’t interfere with healing, and take the right supplements. During and after, ensure you stay cool – no gym or saunas! Lastly, follow good aftercare.

    How To Reduce Hair Shedding/Hair Thinning Treatment

    Everything from the products you use, to the style you wear your hair can play a part in hair loss and shedding – and it’s important to keep an eye on the health of your scalp, as well as your overall health and diet, too.

    How To Prevent Acne Spots

    Having a good skincare routine – and one done the right way (no scrubbing, and with warm water) – is essential in avoiding spots, but there are lots of other things you can try. Changing your make-up, having a healthy lifestyle and avoiding certain food groups could benefit your skin. In situations where the problem recurs, of course, Dr Nicole can help.

    Anti-Ageing Tips

    Prevention is always better than cure – so start by taking a look at your lifestyle and diet. Sensitivity and inflammation can cause skin to appear aged too, so maintaining your skin properly can have huge benefits –and, of course, sun protection is a must. Finally, some tips and tricks on key ‘repair’ ingredients can help give your skin a bit of its youth back.

    Don’t forget to subscribe to Dr Nicole’s channel on YouTube to keep up-to-date with the latest Dermatology tips, or contact our skin clinics for treatment today.

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