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    Helping You With Hair Loss

    Have you noticed signs of hair thinning or even hair loss? If so, you’re not alone. While it’s normal to lose as many as 150 strands of hair a day, if you’re noticing your hair is thinning or you’re losing large amounts of hair, you may be experiencing male or female pattern hair loss –alopecia areata.

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, a skin clinic at three locations including Manchester, we can treat signs and symptoms of alopecia areata, to give you back your confidence and help manage and restore lost hair.

    First, a background on why hair loss happens. There are lots of factors that can cause hair loss. It could be as simple as dealing with stress at work or home, or you might have been taking a new medication.Sometimes, hair loss can appear due to poor diet or anaemia (which can be caused by a lack of iron), and also thyroid disorders. Other factors include illness, genetics and hormonal changes.

    Thankfully, there’s lots you can do when it comes to hair loss treatment. If you book in with us, your treatment will include our Consultant Dermatologist asking questions on your medical history and an examination, where we’ll look at your hair follicles using dermoscopy (a type of hand-held magnifying glass). We can even investigate further with blood tests and a skin biopsy, if required – with no need to see your GP. Once we’ve got to the bottom of what’s causing the hair loss, we’ll then advise you on the right treatment.

    When it comes to your hair thinning treatment, there are several options available to you. One of the most common is applying a stimulating treatment called Regaine to the scalp. This is especially effective if your hair loss is in the early stages, and you can expect to see a difference in as little as 3months. Other alternatives include oral medications, which can be used to the block hormones associated with hair loss, and you may also benefit from supplements that are specially created for hair care. Finally, while hair transplantation could be considered, we would refer you to a hair transplant Surgeon for this specialist surgery. In summary, alopecia areata is a common condition and both hair loss treatment and hair thinning treatment can be carried out with minimal impact on your everyday life. At our skin clinic, you can expect expert care and visible results, helping you get back to being your best. To contact us for a booking, visit our dedicated page here.

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