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    How can I remove scars and stretch marks with Microneedling?

    Which marks on your body bother you the most? Is it the stretch marks on your thighs and abdomen, that you’ve had since you were pregnant, but which annoy you everything time you look in the mirror? Or is the new lines and wrinkles you’ve gained in recent years, announcing to the world our advancing years? Rest assured, Dr Nicole can help.

    Perhaps you’ve heard of Microneedling from your friends and they’re full of praise for the treatment? Many of our clients visit us in the first place because acquaintances have suddenly begun to look a lot more rested, with a healthy glow. The clients have demanded to know what it is their friends were doing to turn back the clock so subtly and with such terrific results, then their friends have directed them to us.

    Microneedling is almost always the answer. It’s designed to reduce skin blemishes that you’ve always had, as well as the new lines and sun damage that have appeared as you’ve got older.

    What does the treatment involve?

    Microneedling involves our very experienced practitioner making a series of pin pricks in your skin, at the site of the blemish you wish to remove. This is done with a needle dipping in and out of the skin very quickly and painlessly, as a topical anaesthetic cream will be applied beforehand. You won’t be scarred, although at the end of the treatment you might have a few small scratches on your face.

    What this process does is trick the body into thinking you have sustained an injury. The body’s own natural emergency response unit is summoned and fresh skin tissue is created in the area where the needle penetrated your face, abdomen or thighs.

    This new skin is unlined, unmarked and younger looking. The increased collagen production that then occurs, ensures that these new tissues contribute towards your facial rejuvenation. Following treatment, you can expect to look refreshed, with a more even skin tone.

    Microneedling for stretch marks

    Stretch marks are notoriously difficult to remove. Admittedly when the livid red of fresh stretch marks fades to silver they’re less noticeable, but only slightly, and none of the creams that boast their powers for removing them seem to work. Creating new skin on your thighs will work. This is a targeted treatment that will give you more body confidence.

    Microneedling for mild acne scarring

    Acne scarring is another stubborn blemish and this time you can’t even cover it up with clothes. Make up will help to a degree, but removing acne tissue altogether by stimulating collagen and elastic production via microneedling is a sure fire way to obtain dramatic results and a smoother skin texture.

    If you’ve felt self conscious about your scars, blemishes and stretch marks for a long time, prepare to notice a real difference. With our expert at the helm, microneedling is a very safe procedure. The number of sessions you’ll need will depend on your skin type and the expanse of area you’re covering. Please get in touch to receive your skin assessment and take the first step on your treatment journey.

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