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    How does a PICO laser work?

    Newly launched at the clinic, our PICO laser (the Cutera enlighten SR) is a PICO system that can used for dermatological and cosmetic operations.

    A picosecond laser produces light pulses that last only 10^-12 seconds. These lasers are noted for their ultrashort pulse lengths and high peak power, making them valuable tools in various academic, medical, and industrial fields.

    What can a PICO laser be used for?

    The term “picosecond” describes the duration of a laser pulse, which is one trillionth of a second in length. Picosecond lasers are used in a range of applications, including:

    • Scientific Research: Picosecond lasers are employed in scientific research to conduct optics, spectroscopy, and nonlinear optics studies. The ability to produce highly brief pulses is critical for understanding ultrafast processes.
    •  LIDAR: Picosecond lasers are employed in LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) systems, which use brief laser pulses to calculate distances and generate high-resolution 3D maps.
    •  Material Processing: Picosecond lasers precisely cut, drill, and mark materials. The concise pulse duration results in little heat-affected zones, making them ideal for cutting delicate materials such as semiconductors and biological tissues.
    •  Medical and dermatology: Picosecond lasers have found applications in dermatology, where they are used to remove tattoos, correct pigmentation, and rejuvenate skin. The brief pulses degrade pigments and tissue with minimal heat damage.
    •  Microelectronics: In the microelectronics industry, picosecond lasers can drill, scribble, and structure thin materials with extreme precision.

    How effective is it in treating various skin conditions?

    Picosecond lasers are widely regarded as highly effective in treating a wide range of skin diseases, and they have become popular options for various aesthetic and dermatological treatments. However, the degree of success varies depending on the specific skin issue, the individual’s skin type, the laser used, and the practitioner’s skill level. Here’s a summary of the usefulness of picosecond lasers for common skin disorders.

    • Pigmentation and Melasma Treatment: Picosecond lasers can help reduce undesirable pigmentation and improve skin tone. The degree of success is determined by the extent of the condition and the person’s skin type. Several sessions may be required.
    •  Skin Rejuvenation: Picosecond lasers can help with skin rejuvenation by targeting fine lines, wrinkles, and general skin texture. Although effective, the results may not be as striking as those from more intrusive procedures such as laser resurfacing or chemical peels.
    •  Tattoo Removal: Picosecond lasers are highly successful at tattoo removal. They frequently outperform standard nanosecond lasers in speed and efficacy, requiring fewer treatments. However, total removal may not be possible for all ink colours and varieties.
    •  Acne Scar Reduction: Picosecond lasers can enhance the look of acne scars by encouraging collagen formation and skin remodelling. While they can be successful, the outcome varies, and more profound or more severe scars may necessitate more thorough therapy.
    •  Benign pigmented lesions: Picosecond lasers can effectively remove benign pigmented lesions like freckles and birthmarks. Treatment outcomes may vary based on the specific lesion and individual circumstances.

    Picosecond lasers produce faster results while minimising injury to surrounding tissues due to their ultra-short pulse length.

    Are there any PICO laser transformations I could see?

    Of course, we’re delighted to provide some examples of PICO laser therapy below.


    Don’t hesitate to contact my team to schedule a consultation with me to see if you’re suitable for Cutera enlighten SR PICO laser. We can arrange a consultation to ensure you select the best treatment for your needs and get the excellent results you seek.

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