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    How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

    As humans, we lose hair every day of our lives. Of course, most of this is nothing to worry about. But exactly how much hair loss is normal? How do you know if you’re losing too much hair? And if you are losing too much hair, what hair loss treatment is available? Our expert dermatologists answer all these questions and more in the blog below.

    How much hair do we lose?

    Scientists say that losing up to 150 hairs a day is normal. It’s a shocking figure on the surface, but when you consider that most people have an average 100,000 hairs on their head, we’re talking less than 1% lost each day.

    Am I losing too much hair?

    Many people are concerned that they’re losing too much hair at a time. Maybe you’ve spotted some on your pillow in the morning, or perhaps there’s more than usual on your hair brush. Even worse, you might notice thin or bald patches on your head. If you notice any of these signs, it’s worth getting in touch with a dermatologist to work out what’s causing the hair loss.

    I’m losing hair! Will it grow back?

    Hair loss can be permanent or temporary, and while for some it’s a quick change, in others, it’s gradual loss. To find out whether it will grow back naturally, you’ll need to diagnose the cause of the hair loss. Hair loss treat mentor hair thinning treatment may be needed to return your hair to its previous quality and quantity.

    What can cause hair loss?

    There are lots of things that can cause hair loss. These include:

    Diet – for instance, if you have deficiencies in iron or protein
    Haircare – certain ways of styling your hair may put pressure on the hair follicles, and treatments such as dying, perming and straightening can affect hair loss over time
    Medical problems – for instance, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, scalp infections, depression, changes in hormones or extreme weight loss
    Genetics – pattern baldness tends to run in families

    How do I treat hair loss?

     There are lots of thinning hair treatments available:

    Regaine – this is a scalp treatment that stimulates the hair follicles to regrow thicker hair. It takes a few months to see results, and will need to be ongoing to maintain them. It’s one of the most popular hair loss treatments available.

    Medication – if hormones are the cause, or alternative treatments aren’t suitable, oral tablets may help.

    Supplements – if a deficiency is detected, your hair loss treatment may simply be a case of increasing your intake of certain vitamins, minerals or nutrients to promote hair growth and boost thickness.

    Haircare products – similar to Regaine treatment, these could encourage hair growth.

    Hair transplantation surgery – though we don’t carry this out ourselves, we can refer our patients if necessary.

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    If you’re concerned about hair loss, or want to enquire about hair loss treatment and hair thinning treatment, then the best thing to do is to contact our expert dermatologists here in Cheshire for an assessment. We look forward to helping you!

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