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    AviClear Laser for Acne

    Dr Nicole offers AviClear laser as an effective alternative treatment to tackle acne, for those who do not want medical treatments for their acne.

    Acne is driven by overactive sebaceous glands producing excessive sebum which leads to p.acne bacteria colonisation and inflammation in the skin. AviClear laser is the first and original FDA-approved laser treatment for acne with long-lasting results. This laser uses the 1972nm wavelength to treat acne at the source by selectively suppressing the sebaceous glands safely and effectively. It is a great alternative to those who do not want medical treatments for their acne, and still want long-term improvement in the skin. The regime is set at once a month, for 3 sessions in total. Best results are seen between 6-12 months after the 3 sessions of laser treatments.

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