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    Managing Uneven Skin Tone

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, a skin clinic in Lancashire, we specialise in all things skin – whether cosmetic, medical or surgical. Skin pigmentation concerns are common, with our clients wanting to tackle everything from sun damage (such as freckles, dark spots) to vitiligo (pale patches) and even scarring.

    Our pigmentation treatments

    Depending on the cause of your uneven skin tone, we’ll recommend an appropriate pigmentation treatment programme for you. Whatever your needs, we’ll work together to find an approach that gives you the results you’re looking for. Our treatments include:

    Laser therapy – this state-of-the-art treatment involves using waves of light to break down cells
    Chemical peels – these skin-resurfacing treatments remove the outer layers of skin to reveal the smoother, younger skin below
    Topical treatments – these include specialist creams and skincare

    Our approach is to combine pigmentation treatments to get the best, most effective results.

    What you can expect

    Our pigmentation treatment programmes usually last anywhere from 3-6months, depending on you and your skin needs. We’ll always begin treatment with a consultation and end with a review – so you can be sure we’re there for every step of your skin journey. Whatever you choose, we’ll explain the procedures to you and give you advice for caring for your skin during and after treatment. Finally, we’ll try to get to the bottom of what’s causing your concern, and any triggers that can exacerbate symptoms.

    Your results

    We want you to be happy with your results and feel comfortable in your own skin. We always aim to make skin pigmentation appear more even, but to prolong results, you may need to factor in sun care, switch up your skincare routine and maintain skin with skin peels once or twice a year. 


    If you’re still unsure about pigmentation treatment, take a look at our client reviews. Dr Nicole herself has been described as reassuring, kind and thorough, as well as friendly and personable – all elements that we believe set us apart from other clinics.

    Why choose us?

    Founded by Dr Nicole Chiang, a Consultant Dermatologist on the GMC Specialist Register, you know you’re in safe hands when you book in for a skin pigmentation treatment at our Lancashire skin clinic. She’ll assess your skin type and concern and recommend an appropriate combination treatment tailored to you. Best of all, you won’t need a GP referral to book in with us – giving you complete freedom over your care. To enquire, visit our contact page and fill out our form today.

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