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    Now offering: Tattoo Removal!

    In an exciting start to the year, I am happy to announce that we are now offering Tattoo removals at our clinic.

    This new treatment will be done using our new Cutera enlighten PICO laser machine that we launched earlier this week.

    Will it get rid of my tattoo completely?

    The long-term goal of laser tattoo removal is frequently entire tattoo removal, which we accomplish in many cases. However, it is vital to set reasonable goals. Tattoo inks come in various hues; some respond better to laser treatment than others. For example, black and dark blue inks frequently fade faster than brighter colours, such as green or yellow, which could be more resistant.

    What is the average number of treatments needed?

    The number of treatments needed is determined by the size, depth, and type of ink used, and we can only identify the exact number required at your initial visit.

    Now this is the positive bit: many patients that have had this procedure before have had great outcomes with only a couple sessions. Meaning you’ll already start seeing a difference very early on in your treatment.

    How does this procedure work?

    In tattoo removal, the EnlightenTM system towers over the competition.

    Most notably, its extraordinary picosecond laser pulses are 1,000 times shorter than nanosecond pulses found in other technologies. What is the significance of this? Because it speeds up your treatment, with ink particles breaking down in fewer sessions.

    We’re also happy to report that Enlighten’s numerous wavelengths make it adaptable, guaranteeing that all skin kinds, tones, and tattoo hues are handled remarkably.

    During the consultation, what will be discussed?

    We’ll examine your tattoo and evaluate the possible outcomes based on the ink colours, skin type, and other personal considerations. Each tattoo is unique, and we develop a personalised treatment plan to address yours most successfully.

    We’ll give you an up-front, honest evaluation of what to expect. Some tattoos may disappear almost completely, leaving your skin as clear as before, while others may leave slight remnants or require more sessions for maximum results. Our goal is to always provide you with the finest feasible results using our cutting-edge laser technology and significant tattoo removal experience.


    Don’t hesitate to contact my team to schedule a consultation with me to see if you’re suitable for tattoo removal. We can arrange a consultation to ensure you select the best treatment for your needs and get the excellent results you seek.

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