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    Top Areas For Fillers

    At Dr Nicole Dermatology, we believe in the transformational abilities of facial aesthetic treatments just as much as the life-changing power of dermatology. Our mission is to create healthy, beautiful skin that fills you with confidence – so when it comes to cosmetic treatments, it’s no surprise that dermal fillers are leading the charge.

    Many high-profile celebrities love the effects of fillers, which can be as subtle or as striking as you desire. They’re also incredibly versatile, known for being used on both the face and the lips. In fact, they can be used on lots of different areas of the face, so in this post, Dr Nicole talks through some of the best places to use them, in order to highlight your natural beauty and give your face symmetry and balance. 

    1. Lips

    It’s one of the most obvious areas to use fillers. With some considered injections, we can use lip fillers to help shape your lips and add volume where it’s needed. Far from giving you a Hollywood-style, statement pout, Dr Nicole aims to elevate your appearance without creating a ‘fake’ or obvious look. 

    2. Chin

    Both men and women can have a dimpled chin, though it’s often thought of as a more masculine feature. With dermal fillers, you can fill in this dimple to create a smoother, more feminine chin. In addition, Dr Nicole can also place fillers around the jawline to gently sculpt it into a more desirable shape – so those with an angular appearance could benefit from a more rounded, softer face shape. 

    3. Cheeks

    Cheek filler has become more and more popular in recent years, helping to lift and sculpt the face through a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment. It’s ideal for those whose skin is losing volume or in those who have a ‘hollow’ appearance.

    4. Mouth & nose 

    Filler can be used as a ‘non-surgical nose job’ to create the illusion of a refined silhouette free from lumps, bumps and humps, while other uses include injecting into the marionette lines, mouth corners, and naso-labial (mouth-to-nose) lines to plump skin and effectively ‘fill’ wrinkles. 

    5. Tear troughs

    Injections into the tear troughs can help soften the appearance of under-eye bags, an area which loses volume quickly and which can be one of the first tell-tale signs of ageing. 

    The last word on fillers…

    Dr Nicole’s dermal fillers in Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire are known for being a safe, effective treatment, with very little in the way of downtime, and risks occurring in only the most rare of cases. They’re also increasingly popular, both in men and women, and across a span of ages. And, for those concerned about changing their appearance permanently, fillers break down naturally over time and can even sometimes be reversed. 

    And now to book!

    For a treatment that creates fantastic results without the maintenance, disruption or pain of surgical methods, look no further than dermal filler treatment from Dr Nicole, right here in Cheshire.  

    To book, get in touch via our contact page today, and one of our friendly team will be happy to take your call. 

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