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    Top Ways to Rejuvenate Your Eyes

    In a switched-on, 24/7 world where we’re always working, socialising and travelling to keep up, developing a tired appearance almost seems inevitable.Well, here at Dr Nicole Dermatology, a skin clinic in Lancashire, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, we want to share our dermatologist’s secrets with you and get you looking – and feeling – fresh and ready to go, opening up your eyes and giving you a younger-looking appearance.

    Taking on under-eye bags

    Having baggy, saggy skin under the eye can create the illusion of dark circles, and it can make you appear hollow. Dermal fillers are ideal for targeting this area,as they can plump, lift and contour skin while replacing lost volume and smoothing out and lines. Dermal Fillers also use hyaluronic acid, known for its hydrating properties, to give your skin a boost of moisture. Of course, this is a delicate area of the face, and requires a gentle approach. We use a fine needle to administer our fillers, helping minimise discomfort during your treatment. Finally, as fillers are non-invasive, you can expect little downtime and few side-effects.

    Taking on dark circles

    Sometimes, all you need for that wide-awake and revived appearance is an intensive face peel. Dermatologists love chemical peels, as they are a medical-grade treatment with clear, proven results – and they penetrate deeply into the skin, making them extremely powerful. Many of our peels are a pigmentation treatment as they can help improve the appearance of dark circles.

    Taking on lines and wrinkles

    While botox is mostly thought of as an anti-wrinkle forehead treatment,this injectable is also ideal for the area around the eyes, smoothing out crow’s feet and helping create a subtle, natural improvement. The treatment helps ‘relax’ the muscles that cause lines and wrinkles to form, with some seeing results in just a few days, and, on average, enjoying them for around 4 months. Again, a fine needle is used for the procedure.

    Book in for your eye rejuvenation

    At our skin clinic in Lancashire, Dr Nicole, our dermatologist,is waiting to treat you. Whether you’re looking for something medical or cosmetic, her knowledge and experience can help boost your skin and appearance and give you greater confidence. From pigmentation treatments and lip fillers to targeted eye treatments that help erase rings and soften skin, book in with our skin clinic today.

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