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    What Are Lip Fillers and What Are the Advantages?

    As the summer months get closer, we eat more healthily, and have more discipline with our exercise routine. However, when you feel self-conscious about your smile, it can make you want to avoid photos, and sometimes stay away from summer social events all together. But you don’t have to hide in the shade. Dr Nicole Dermatology offers expert-led lip enhancement treatments to give you more defined lips, a youthful appearance and a boost in confidence. But what are lip fillers and what can you expect from your results?

    How Do Lip Fillers Work?

    Dr Nicole only uses the highest-quality products to perform lip filler treatments, and practices with a durable solution crafted from hyaluronic acid that gives clients soft lips with a natural finish. As a temporary acid filler, over time the solution degrades naturally so there is very little post-treatment maintenance.

    Dr Nicole aims to put her patients at ease, and uses an ultra-fine needle, to reduce discomfort and bruising whilst ensuring complete safety.

    Dr Nicole Lip Fillers Improve Definition And Volume

    Lip enhancement treatments are an excellent way to address the negative effects of natural ageing. As we grow older, our lips can begin to thin and/or droop due to the reduction in hyaluronic acid, but Dr Nicole’s Dermatology lip fillers work to reverse this, by creating a natural-looking boost in volume with more definition.  Fuller lips with defined vermillion borders make us feel feminine and attractive, and by enhancing the lip line, whilst reducing upper lip lines Dr Nicole can create a youthful appearance, and improve your confidence.

    Each Treatment Is Personally Tailored To Suit You

    Before your treatment, Dr Nicole will analyse your facial anatomy before asking for your expectations. From this she will be able to design a perfect result, that not only meets your requirements, but also suits your face impeccably. Dr Nicole’s attitude to treating her clients is to always create a perfectly balanced result, that suits your features in a subtle, natural way.

    A great deal of expertise and artistry goes into creating beautifully balanced lips that look natural. In expert hands, dermal fillers can create fuller and more defined lips to give you a more attractive smile.

    Why Choose Dr Nicole?

    As well as receiving an incredible treatment that is personally tailored, it is practiced by a true expert in dermatology, who also works as an aesthetics trainer. Dr Nicole has performed hundreds of dermal filler treatments throughout her career, and offers a systematic approach to lip enhancements that not only compliment her client’s features, but have a soft, natural feel. In addition to an expert-led treatment with outstanding results, Dr Nicole also offers all patients a post-treatment support programme, to assist clients who have queries about their results.

    If you would like to know more about Dr Nicole’s lip filler treatment, why not get in contact, and book a free consultation, where Dr Nicole can give you any additional information about the procedure, and explain the personal benefits.

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