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    What could be causing my Wrinkles?

    There could be a whole multitude of reasons why you could be seeing wrinkles starting to form.

    This post we will go through the many types of wrinkles you might have and what they might say about you. So, let’s start by dissecting the various elements of the face:

    The Frown lines

    There are various things your frown lines (or ‘elevens’) tell about you; they are a mixed bag. While they might be a sign of concentration or attention, they’re called ‘frown lines’ because they can make you look irritated or impatient. Again, botox can help in this situation!

    The Chin/Jawline

    The jaw can be a source of stress, especially if you habitually grit your teeth! Wrinkles might build around this area over time, making you appear stiff or bitter. Where a more thin and refined profile is desired, the jaw might also appear square. Botox can relax muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and even making you look smaller.

    The Crows Feet

    The eyes are the centre of the face and one of the first places we notice wrinkles. Crow’s feet, or little indents around the eyes, can make us appear joyful or amused, which is a good thing, or they can make us appear stressed. Wrinkles develop with age, and crow’s feet can even spread to the cheeks. Squinting and smiling are frequently to blame. Botox is commonly used to treat this type of wrinkle.

    Lines and creases around the eyes can also form due to negative emotions such as grief, stress, and loss. The skin in this area thins and becomes ‘saggy’ with age. Dermal fillers can assist to address this and restore volume loss.

    The Bunny Lines

    Lines and wrinkles can form in a variety of ways here. You may have bunny lines, which include (and appear) when you laugh or smile and are related to these good feelings, or lines extending from your nose to your lips, which look puffy and can generate a melancholy appearance. Dermal fillers can temporarily reverse their appearance while smoothing the skin.

    The Forehead

    It is the most common area for wrinkles to form and may be the first place you see them. Motions like raising your brows frequently generate them, and they might make you appear worried or agitated. Botox is often the solution, relaxing the region for a softer appearance.

    The Mouth

    Whether single lines run from the lip to the chin or vertical lines above the lips, the face can appear sad or angry. When you pucker or pout your lips, these vertical lines can become permanently etched into your face. Again, dermal fillers can help improve their appearance.


    To schedule a consultation with me to go over your skin care regime, please contact my team. We can arrange a consultation to ensure that you select the best products for your needs and get the excellent results you’re searching for.

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